About FreeCRM

What is FreeCRM? FreeCRM is a free Contact Relationship Manager (CRM). Specifically this CRM is designed for small non-profit organizations that can't afford other CRMs, but could definitely benefit from the functionality a CRM brings to the table. FreeCRM gives you the ability to enter contact information for all of your contacts and track contact history, notes, and transactions. Currently, an email tool is being developed that will allow organizations to send individual emails to selected contacts on a bulk basis. You will be able to save email templates and reuse them. Check out the existing functionality below to see if FreeCRM is right for your organization.

From the FreeCRM dashboard you can Add a contact, view all of your organizations contacts, and view all of your organizations transactions. All you have to do to add a contact is log into the site and the add a contact form is on the next page. You can pass your phone to the contact and have them enter their information removing the need for you to get involved in the entry!

From the FreeCRM contact detail page you can Add and View your contact history, contact notes, and contact transactions. At a glance, you can find information about your most recent method of contact, any notes you've entered about the contact, and the history of financial transactions that you've entered.